Case: # 2009-15
Location: Great Hall and Theatre Centre, Toronto, Ontario


In December of 2009, CHAPS was invited to investigate a partnership of theatres in downtown Toronto. Our team collected from across Ontario to check this historic place. The Great Hall and the Theatre Centre, what seemed like a million square feet of walking....went very smoothly and turned out to be the most exciting investigation for many. Base reads were normal all around, nothing out of the ordinary. Set up went smooth. The investigation was littered with grabs, hair pulls and shadows from corners. It seemed the physical activity in this place was so obvious. Seasoned veterans of the "hunt" were shaken at times. Our EMF and thermal reads had undiagnosed spikes and spikes on command. Video didn't bring so much but the EVP developed 5 instances. At one point in the evening, something was dropped and dragged in the same room where one of the teams were located.   Just a great place we'd love to come back to for another shot.


Haunted...intelligent, responsive and residual. But not in a bad way, a way we want to keep an eye on.


First humming

It's More


Scrapping sound

Second humming


PHOTOS from this investigation

Case: # 2009-00
Location: Great Hall and Theatre Centre, Toronto, Ontario (Second Visit)


The Toronto Theatre Centre invited us for a second visit to their location. The first visit was quite exciting with smashes and shadows etc, some great EVP evidence came out of it as well. The team this time had very standard readings throughout the overnight experience, some of us had personal experiences that kept us awake but in the end nothing concrete to submit for evidence.


We had determined there was activity prior to this visit, but this visit we didn’t catch any of it unfortunately. I still believe this location to have activity


PHOTOS from the second investigation