Case: # 2009-13
Location: Veterinarian Clinic, Toronto, Ontario


In November 2009,  we were invited to investigate a veterinarian clinic that had been converted from an old home. It was very nice and clean, and much bigger than it looked from the outside.  There were claims of spirit animals and of passing sprits through doors etc. The base reads were very typical, EMF readings were 0.5 for most areas with a temperature of 18-21 degrees. The investigation went along on schedule, nothing abnormal, however we were struck with a great deal of anecdotal evidence. The EMF meter went off with high readings upon request several times, and so did the voltage detector!  At one time, we were able to isolate the form and height of an animal in a room that they use for terminal "patients" to pass.   If we had not seen it ourselves, we would  have been very sceptical. This is a place where there should be no reason for such spikes, so we can't figure that one out. To add to these observations, Sandy was touched with something cold, Dave felt burning on his hand during his video process, and Rob and Shannon were stricken with disabling back pains. From experience this is very uncommon for them as they are very pragmatic investigators. It turns out the previous owner of the home walked with a hunch and and she had back problems.  Unfortunately, the DVR, video footage along with DAT and pictures provided no evidence., however we all felt something physical that night.


We believe a responsive haunting is possible, however we do not feel it was intelligent or residual. We would like to investigate further.


Investigation Pictures