Case: # 2009-12
Location: Private Residence, St. Thomas, Ontario


A lady had invited us into her home in St Thomas Ontario. Her experiences of having shadows and voices have been very common for her. She had revealed to us that she had endured the loss of a child some 7 years ago. This may have played a part. Her children will not sleep in certain rooms etc. Base reads of the home read for the most part normal. Rob Divenanzo made some great finds with the EMF readings of 40-150.MG which are very very high.   Even though it would not play much a part in everyday life, it is something to look out for.  Another find was that her alarm clock was reading the same high EMF readings. This can cause visions in bed, distress, feelings of being watched etc. It is much like having an MRI when you sleep... it can mess with the someone's brainwaves. So this in itself may account for some of the claims.
In the basement during the active investigation, whenever  the word of looking for a mother came up...the EMF meter spiked by 8 points each time.  However, the DVR and camera footage came up clean.  We noticed some dust around but there is a small dog that kicks that up.   During our investigation, there were no children nor animal nor Mom at home that evening.   We did however get some interesting EVPs.


We don't see an intelligent haunt, nor a residual but more a responsive that only peaks when key words or activity is repeated. But nothing overbearing or dangerous.





Investigation Photos