Case: # 2009-11
Location: Private Residence, Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario


We were invited to a residence in Little Italy (Toronto) for an emergency investigation. Sandy and Dave went as a small crew that night.  It was a home with an apartment portion which we investigated. The client had some incidents of toys falling to the ground and the same occurring with pans. We managed to debunk or discount the toys as being off balance.  We could not recreate the pans falling, and the DVR footage did not show us any evidence. The EMF field in the house was pretty strong with the lowest portion of the home reading a 3.5.   With a typical home base reading at 0.3-0.7,  this base reading was fairly significant.  We could assume the wiring to be poor, considering the landlord we stumbled upon, it wouldn't be a shock (no pun intended).  We were more impressed with the neighbouring home of the client's mother.  Many significant "messages" were being related. This is of no consequence to the paranormal investigation but more to personal experience.  We left very impressed, and awake due to the espresso!!


I do not believe the apartment to be haunted, though I would like to get back into the other home we visited.