Case: # 2009-10
Location: Old Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario


In early October 2009, CHAPS was invited to investigate Old Fort Henry in historic Kingston Ontario. A team of 10 met from 3 different CHAPS locations to face the challenge.  The weather was very windy and rain loomed but managed to stay at bay. The base reads on the EMF of the Fort were standard around .09mg temps.  We were never bothered due to drafts etc.  Using a standard criss cross pattern, we covered the Fort's many hallways and chambers.  The Fort was set up for Halloween's annual "Fort Fright" display . The "Fort Fright" decorations and dressed up figure's everywhere presented some issues for us with photos and film, but it was in good fun.
The upper chambers which were closed and alarmed seemed to present many walking noises, but we were not able to go up there to further investigate those noises we heard. Many of us experienced whispers etc.  A female was using the public washroom and thought someone was in there with her but she was alone. This sort of thing went on all night, giving us many personal experiences. However the "physical" evidence such as EMF remained uneventful. In the post production, we did gather many EVPs of voices that we did not hear at the time they happened.  One of the EVPs was in a language that we cannot identify.
All in all it was an honour to do such a historic landmark.


Definitely something is there, maybe residual.  We would love to have the opportunity to investigate over a longer period of time to be able to make this call more specifically in this very large area to investigate.



Can we please go?

Turn it Off

Look at the guy with the camera

Unknown whisper