Case: # 2009-09
Location: Private Residence, Buritts Rapids, Ontario


We are asked to attend a home in Buritts Rapids, Ontario.  A very nice clean home with hospitable owners. The base reads from EMF and temp all seemed pretty normal at  0.05MG and 19 degrees respectively.  From the claims of footsteps, we used the borescope to look into the HVAC system for aluminum reflex but it was a flexline system which was not a cause for that noise. Kids do not sleep well in the one of the rooms and they see shadows throughout day and evening.  Our investigation was mostly uneventful.  The DVR and CCTV footage along with SLR cameras provided nothing but documentation. In one of the children's rooms the voltage sensor set to touch went off on command and sped up on command at the same time as a spike of 2.3 on the EMF. Not solid proof but an interesting observation. In the end I was settled to imagine this was pretty clean but in the livingroom there was an EVP caught while our medium was conversing with her husband on something unrelated. We would state that since the EVP was not related to the conversation, something residual may be present. We had personal experiences that night, including a whisper upon the breakdown of equipment. All in all, it was a great evening that was only enhanced by the delicious cookies they made us!


We believe something to be present here, not strong or "intelligent" I would cite residual presence.



You wanted them back!

Pictures from Investigation