Case: # 2009-08
Location: Private Residence, Oshawa, Ontario


We were called to a vacated home of a lady in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Her complaints were of regular footsteps coming from the upstairs whist she was downstairs. The evening went fairly smooth as we had open access to the home and there was no furniture present to get cables snagged etc.  The base reads in the house were a steady 19 degrees and the EMF meter never went above 1.0. This was the constant thru the evening.   Using the Extech borescope and inspecting the HVAC system for anything that might be causing a popping noise or anything similar to movement, but turned up secure and unhampered. The best explanation for the movement sounds was floor board shift.   We experienced it a few times during the night caused by the lack of weight on the floor. We had several spots where the creaking was pretty strong. All DVR, and camera footage was blank.  We did get an EVP during the breakdown while Cathy went to the master bedroom and started asking some questions.  The words "I need help" came up.


Not actively haunted but something is present there. maybe residual



I need help!

Pictures from Investigation