Case: # 2009-07
Location: Undisclosed Legion


We arrived at a Legion branch, at a undisclosed location. This branch has a museum, and above the museum they have an apartment with a plethora of activities. which many of the staff and cleaning have witnessed. The apartment itself was inaccessible without moving a wall unit.
It is a dusty place, with very stale air, and is in a shambles as well. The architecture was pretty amazing though. The metre readings were nothing remarkable, a few spikes on the thermal imaging cam but as expected. The video filming went as normal, the CCTV produced a lot of dust which was expected.
All in all technically, there was nothing, however this set of team investigators that are not normally affected by this became very affected.  For one, emotional reactions of materialism.   Clear as day, at least 2 of us heard a voice of a girl, 2 floors above the restaurant and as well in the storage area over that. The interesting thing is the EVPs. When comparing it against video, none of us are whispering, not our voices, and we were not close enough to create the sound.  The 4 evps were pretty interesting actually.  I hope we get a chance to return.


Enough that we want to return to isolate certain areas - could be haunted



Don't like the pressure

I want Bert!

It's Daniels

Let's go!

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