Case: # 2009-05
Location: Whitby Clinic, Whitby, Ontario


We were invited to a clinic in Whitby, the claims that there was a single spirit there that was attracted to the owner. Attracted to the activity of cleaning to be specific. There had been previous spirit there however a cleric that had visited previously had dealt with that issue. The building itself has been around for a significant amount of time and has likely served many roles. Base reads and temps were normal and there was nothing about the set up that would effect the investigation. The investigation was uneventful for the most part however the EMF and voltage stick were spiking at the oddest times and very infrequent patterns. We checked the wiring and such and nothing would contribute to this. It was also in the places that the client had stated there was activity to support her claims. This we find interesting. we'd like to revisit that and isolate. However we obtained no other evidence.


We can't claim this location to be haunted with the evidence I have. I would be willing to redo the investigation upon request


PHOTOS from this investigation