Case: # 2009-05
Location: Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke, Ontario


A full compliment team arrived at the Pembroke Champlain Trail Museum in June, 2009. The museum features a collection of items from dates past and a handful of buildings moved there as well.   The location was very clean and set up was easy enough.  The EMF and temperature reads were stable throughout the majority of the evening, with the exception of the outdoor buildings, but they were under hydro wires. There were a number of cracking noises in the building, but the building itself featured a number of wood frames, so cracking and shifting was to be expected.  A number of us did witness something moving in the relic room, however we had nothing to back that up but personal experience.  Ken, our Medium, made mention of sickness in the log cabin causing a number of deaths. This has been since confirmed by the museum as a guest staying in the home was ill, and fatally infected 4-5 residents.  However with the evidence gained we can't deem this.


Not haunted


PHOTOS from this investigation

Picture taken for The Daily Observer newspaper at the BlueBerry festival