Case: # 2009-04
Location: Rectory, Barrie, Ontario


We went to the Smith's home in Barrie,  Ontario, Canada.   A 100 yr old rectory, claims of banging, sleep paralysis and dragging furniture. Very clean home and accommodating hosts. We had a small team and abundant with equipment that night, so we had excellent coverage. Debunking remedied most of the claims including noise from the floors and vents, which you could clearly hear throughout the home. The mass of what seems ot be ungrounded wires in the centre core of the house leaded to the extreme EMF readings, fluorescent light ballasts in the basement as well had very high reads. Temperature through out  didn't change and stayed steady at 21 degrees. The 4 way cam and static cameras did not reveal anything, nor did pictures or follow cameras. EVP was also unsuccessful. The still cam in the spare bedroom was hit by something during the investigation, but without visual proof this had to be discounted.
The only evidence was in the medium style readings, a feeling of lunacy to which we have been advised there was a mentally handicapped person there some years ago. The name of Charles Maitland became apparent, which to our discovery was a minister that had lived there. Evidence of residual imprints in the home but not much more.


According to our evidence. Not Haunted


Pictures from Investigation