Case: # 2009-03
Location: Private Residence, Weston, Ontario


Gordon invited CHAPS to his Weston Ontario apartment. The area is pretty rich with history, some of it violent. Base reads in the apartment were not that unusual and the temperature markings about the same. They had visions of a little girl and a larger man. During the evening voltage stick we set for sensitivity went off during evp sessions and when it stood alone. I am not sure due to the frequency of it, that once triggered to some degree it was setting itself off. However there did seem to be times when the sounds from it were intermittent and not expected. We did attain 2 unexplained EVP though they were not in context with the sessions and seem random. This leads me to believe in a residual activity unaware of the current occupants, much like something that has been recorded in the walls or property and just plays over and over.


Residual activity but not haunted



Get Out!

That was faster!

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