Case: # 2009-03
Location: Private Residence, Huntsville, Ontario


We were invited into the home of Pat and Ray, who were experiencing disturbances from  "Gary" a young man that had taken his life in the 70's over a love loss. Base reads in the home proved normal at a 0.5 and temps went from an average of 14-18 degrees. This didn't change much during the investigation. Pictures also didn't come up with much, nor did the video.  The CCTV did show some light anomalies, however it is hard to say if they are dust or not. The furnace was not in motion that evening so there was nothing blowing, but convection currents can give the same effect.
The medium, Ken Mason did detect an Anthony and a Timothy. So history on the house needs to be done to make that conclusive evidence. Regardless a meditation was done to ask for the spirit life to pass on, to put the homeowners worries to rest. It was a very lovely home with welcoming gracious hosts


Inconclusive. could be residual but we didn't gather enough evidence to call it haunted


PHOTOS from this investigation