Case: # 2009-02
Location: Private Residence (Cecilia St), Pembroke, Ontario


At the beginning of March 2009, we were invited to a house in Pembroke with claims of a presence. The base reads in the house  were very standard on all floors. The EMF reading was 0.5, and the base temperature was  19-21 degrees. The only exception to this was the top of the stairs which read quite high. A test of the voltage in the wall would declare that there are ungrounded wires giving off that electrical field. I did explain to the client who had cited they felt like they were being watched and or pushed there, that this can effect the brain waves and cause such a feeling. There were decent bursts of EMF's in the home, most impressive when it was upon request that spirit life come closer to the machine. Very nice reaction. The pictures were a non starter really, however the CCTV footage on the video did present some original orb movement. Slow and steady and on their own course. We caught nothing on the  handicam. However in the end, upon the analysis we caught some EVP's that are fantastic. Better yet the EVP's that were caught reacted exactly to the conversation and the questions being asked. When analyzed on the wavefiler, it is not a voice that was present and was a subsound level. Excellent.


This home has intelligent spirit life present in our opinion.



Sounds like two words!

Please let's go!

PHOTOS from this investigation