Case: # 2009-01
Location: Heritage Inn, Carleton Place, Ontario (2 Visits)


January 2009 our crew set to the Carleton Place Heritage Inn which is a newly renovated hotel with over 100 years of history. This hotel was formerly used for a multitude of venues, including a common bawdy house and a TB hospice. These historical facts all played a part in our evening. The crew was made of many guests that eve, including 3 mediums. The names Jacob, Heddy and Stan were all felt by them. Personal sensations of heavy chests and a smoke filled hall were witnessed. The building, which originally had another floor on top, had a fire in the early century where a fireman did succumb to the effects. Unfortunately on this venture we didn't gather much evidence that we could use, but instead it served more as an evening of fact finding with the mediums. We have a return date of March 16th to do a more thorough investigation.



Investigation (Second Visit):

The second time  at this location has proved to be the best by far. It was a nice evening with normal temperatures. There were no  clients in the hotel that eve leaving it all to ourselves. As base reads, the temperature was 1 degrees, and the EMF read 5.7 throughout the entire by the team, but the proof was in the evidence. We had multiple EMF spikes in places that were marked much lower and wouldn't contain sources of electrical fields, These spikes also moved locations. The EVP that we caught was fantastic. It is a male voice on an all girl team (#2). We caught a moving apparition on camera as well as the CCTV being manipulated by something. We also tried to recreate and debunk the manipulation of the CCTV, but the physical properties of the camera and the way it is set made it unexplainable.

Conclusion (Second Visit):




I'm here collecting dust!

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