Case: # 2008-06
Location: Old Mill Pub, Ashton, Ontario


Ashton Pub is a small, English style pub built into part of what used to be an old Mill in the village of Ashton, just on the edge of Carleton County and Lanark County in Eastern Ontario.
The pub enjoys the patronage of a ghost named locally as George. Various attributes are given to him; friendly and quiet, he sometimes turns the music on (its on in the morning when staff arrive), the smell of pipe smoke, and other minor but friendly odd occurrences.
On my first recent visit to the pub for a meal with friends, I still swear that "George" opened the door for me when I got there, it swung open with so little effort.
The owners and 2 others attended the investigation with us.
Being that it was a small place, we didn't have too many rooms to check out, but we did a thorough walk thru, with all our equipment, took time for sensory input quiet time, and discovered a moderate to strong vibration that was coming thru as a pulse in some of the tables in the main pub room. The ladies could feel this pulse, but not the men. A compressor downstairs was eliminated, yet the pulse remained. Almost like an energy running thru the spot. All the ladies, including our hosts felt it.
One small voice phenomenon was caught on my voice recorder, as well as a loud bang.
One of our team investigators indicated that except for 2 EMF spikes close to the bar that registered 4.5 and 4.4 and lasted for a few seconds, nothing unusual occurred.
The place is charming, warm, friendly. If there are spirits within, and there may be a great many considering the age and history of the tiny village, they do not appear to be threatening in any way. They appear to live in harmony with the rest of us using 'their' space. At the end of the investigation, Shea told us all of seeing a man in the mirror one night, dressed in old bright red uniform of some kind. When she turned, he was gone.
Dan asked about a graveyard, he'd dreamt 2 times about something like a graveyard, but there is only one in the village, and not on the property, which was his impression. He also inquired about a J name of someone. The owners indicated a Jamie passed away from across the street 2 yrs prior. He had been a regular customer.
Cathy received an M name, woman, possible Mabel? uncertain and no co-aberration of it either.
The history of the property has not yet been researched. The age the  Ashton Pub was built is guessed at 1930-1940's. Surviving beams in the basement carry scars of a fire, although they are still in structural use. Two additions to the original structure were indicate by the owners as there are 3 separate styles of basement on site, from stone foundation to poured concrete.


I would state that there may be some residual energy in the Ashton Pub, but I would not deem the place actively haunted


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