Case: # 2008-05
Location: Six Nations Reserve, Ohsweken, Ontario


The group was invited to the Six Nations Reserve located in Ohsweken Ontario. A 7 hr drive for the team, we had an excellent weekend ahead of us. Multiple acres of wooded lot, marshes and horse paddocks with a small residence. Throughout the night we experienced the phenomena of witch lights, this would be more in line with the summer months this was the fall. Add this to increased EMF readings in the forest, that was a point of interest. Many times when noise or sound was requested, we were met by very large breaking branches, again an experience you had to be there for. We did not bother with temp reads. The picture evidence in this matter was largely subjective to critique. Many orbs etc. The CCTV footage had some excellent light anomalies that were not common to insect flight. The real thing for us on this investigation was the personal experience. All of the team were subjected to abnormal fears and sounds.  A member who is an experienced outdoorsman was spooked enough to depart his location quickly, Sandy our cameraperson forced herself out of a location due to abnormal noises uncomfortably close to her. There was not one member that was not littered with contact. So it was a great night. Unfortunately with the space too large to cover, we have been invited to re-attend in the spring with a our crew for a few days of investigation. Our hosts were also to mention beyond belief in their kindness, it is people like this that make an investigation truly enjoyable.


Not enough time to spend there. This is something there to be sure, but we need to return to justify a final conclusion


More pictures from Six Nations Reserve can be found here