Case: # 2008-04
Location: Davidson's Courtyard, Smiths Falls, Ontario


Davidson's Courtyard was once the largest commercial bakery in Eastern Ontario, established in the 1870s and operated by the Davidson family for three generations. The heritage structure has since been transformed into eight individual stores. The team investigated four of these establishments plus the parking lot.
Investigation Part 1 - 2nd Floor Apartment
The team started the investigation on the second floor apartment, which was one large room.  Nothing was captured on IR video and only a few orbs captured on still pictures. The team did share some personal experiences with sufficient changes in the base reads which where EMF 1 -2 the temperature was 22. During the investigation of the apartment with the main power being turned off, there was two temperature drops; of first when we felt the presence of a woman  14 to11.2 degrees, and the second when we felt the presence of a young boy aged 4-6. The EMF also spiked to 7. A cold spot was noticed where the palms of our hand felt like we were holding ice cubes, but yet the top of the hand was warm. It felt like the younger boy was searching for his older brother. Cathy also felt a pain on the right side of her head that lasted for most of the investigation.
Investigation Part 2 - Milliwiggins Gifts
The activity was very high in this store more so from the middle of the store to the back. Although nothing was captured on Video or still pictures we did capture an EVP of a young girl saying what sounds like "Can you help me", along with sufficient temperature and EMF changes through out the investigation. The temperature base reads were 14.8-15.6 and an EMF of 1-2, which was  highest near the fuse panel located at the front of the store. We got an EMF reading of 7 in the side room at the back of the store the first time we checked it, however upon returning to this room it dropped to a 1, and the children’s activity area was now reading 7. It was as if the energy was moving around the store, and at one point the EMF went off the scale. During another incident, the EMF registered between 2 and 4 without holding the button in. The temperature of one of the children’s chairs climbed to 38.3 giving the impression that someone was sitting there, than dropped down to 21 in a matter of seconds. The video camera also turned itself off at one point, only to work again when turned back on. Different team members had a hard time getting their cameras to focus while taking pictures. Some team members reported being touched by someone. Kim did get the presence of a girl around 12 years old. A former investigator and Cathy sensed more children present a girl around the age of 4-6 and a boy around 2-3.  A former investigator and Cathy did a walk around outside of the store to see if they could find a reason for the EMF to have such abnormal readings and they couldn't find any thing that could cause the readings to spike inside the store.
Investigation Part 3 - The Gilded Corner
Again nothing was captured on the video camera and only a few orbs on still pictures. Some team members did have some personal experiences. Sensing a few different males in this store, Kim picked up on a baker and a younger male in his earlier twenties. A former investigator and Cathy sensed a different male while touching the wall that is  adjacent to Bailey's Blade and Bow store which is located in the front of the building. At that time they both experienced a sore lower back. The energy seemed to travel back and forth between The Gilded Corner and Bailey's Blade and Bow.
Investigation Part 4 - Everything We love
This store is not attached to the rest of the building. Nothing was caught on the video camera or voice recorder, however a few still pictures did capture some orbs. All of the activity took place on the second floor. There was a strong presence of a female being felt in the bedroom with the staircase leading down to the kitchen area. All of the team members where having a hard time breathing in this room as well as the sensation of a tightening in their chest. Again there were problems with cameras not wanting to focus. The base read for this room on the EMF was 7 and it spiked off the scale during this time. In another bedroom kitty corner to the staircase, a young girl’s presence could be felt. Kim thought the energy was that of the 12 year old girl from Milliwiggins. Most of the team members felt ill and chilled while investigating this room. Again the base read of 7 on the EMF spiked off the scale. The room to the left of the staircase appeared to be a nursery with a male toddler jumping in a crib. The upstairs temperature ranged from 20-26 through out the investigation.
Investigation Part 5 Parking Lot
The only thing the team captured were some orbs in still pictures. Kim did pick up on a male spirit that was walking through the back parking lot. There was no other activity noted.
After the investigation through Davidson's Courtyard, we were informed by a store owner about the reported sightings. People have seen a figure in one of the Courtyard windows of an apparition of a man in a fishermen’s sweater who has been seen wandering in the parking lot, a girl or a petite woman in a bonnet has been seen in one of the courtyard stores, and a workman in a cap and overalls was seen in Bailey's Blade and Bow. It was also reported that a gentleman who lived in the apartment above Bailey's Blade and Bow had fallen down the stairs and died from his injuries.


We believe that Davidson Courtyard contains activity of an intelligent nature.
Further investigation would be needed to come to any definite conclusions as to whether it is residual energy or a true haunting.


Don't put the lights out!


Pictures from Investigation