Case: # 2008-03
Location: Heritage House, Smiths Falls, Ontario


The Heritage House is a large manor, and a home to local businessman Joshua Bates who had a troubled history with the town and his ventures, only eventually to lose his home to his competition Truman Ward. Lots of strife and emotion were to be experienced here. This building is a mid 1800's beautiful residence.
This is one investigation however, did not fare much for  pictures, or film for that matter. The pictures provided some  orbs but nothing significant. The EVP's did come back with some rumblings but again nothing to base proof from. What was interesting was the audible experience heard by many,  numerous physical sensations, and electrical and temperature variations.
Base readings were standard throughout the house.  EMF readings were between 2-3 and the temperature about 21. In the secondary walk thru, once the investigation went hot, the parlour room where the piano rests had standard readings, and 5 minutes later a 10 on the EMF and a temperature drop of roughly 7 degrees in one isolated spot. This only to be returned to normal readings minutes later. It was repeated again shortly after that as if being followed. Upstairs while in the daughters bedroom we all heard a creak. On a display doll house in the adjacent bedroom (Joshua's main) the doors, which were normally open, were closed. We opened them and the same noise came of it. This did not repeat later however and the doors were difficult to manage and not likely to do that on their own.
So noise and readings were for the most part very interesting. When the secondary team came thru later after their job in another part of town was complete, I asked the guides to not tell them of our previous experiences in the house. Our group psychic Kim, managed to speak of stories that identically matched the ones spoken by the guides, down to a little boy in the attic looking out the window. Something that had been reported previously.
Later during the group meditation, a member who again was not present earlier slipped a piece of paper to us asking about the ball in the basement being played with, another story the guides earlier had mentioned to us. Very odd. Sarah the guide, and her cohort Cheryl separately became overwhelmed physically with muscle spasms. Very icy to the touch as well.
During the meditation, when asked, the piano in the parlour was being tapped on the high keys. This unfortunately did not surface on the Dictaphones. After the event, the guides had mentioned they heard a hard banging noise when they re-entered  the house to close the manor.
A very exciting night, a total pleasure. What a location.


We believe that this building has some activity of an intelligent nature in it. We have not caught it per se, but would love another opportunity to see if we can. Much residual energy for sure. If there is a presence I would gather it would be Truman Ward and not Joshua Bates, just for the "feeling" of it.


Footsteps on stairs (0:34)

Help Me! (0:07)

House Knock (0:14)

Parlour Knock Camera (0:19)

Joshua Bates (0:51)

Voice (0:16)

Unknown Noise (0:04)

Analog Noise 1 (0:12)

Analog Noise 2 (0:13)

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