Case: # 2008-02
Location: Private Residence, Dundonald St., Petawawa, Ontario


There is a bank of townhouses located on a base. 7 years again, a young man had taken his life in one of them. From this point on there have been sightings of a person crossing through the connecting basements and in through the back bedrooms.  We had been lucky enough to have discussed this independently with other residents who all seemed to share the same evidence.
A very helpful family invited us for the 1st investigation. It was an immaculate home, which helped as there was no dust or smells to interfere with the gathering of evidence. Base EMF readings were all regular, with a 2 degree differential. During the base readings, the most the EMF varied was by 3 degrees, however the power stayed on throughout the investigation as their children remained in the house.
From the investigation, 99% of the pictures came out clean.  A newly charged video camera had a drained battery 13 minutes into sentinel work, however nothing was caught on tape. We did have personal experiences of a misty vision on the stairs, which seemed to increase the EMF reading from 3 to 7 and 8. This lasted about 5 minutes, then dropped again back down to 3.
EVP's were too mottled and provided no evidence. One video camera did pick up a multitude of self directional light anomalies, some could be dust but many are uncharacteristic of dust. A DVD has been made for the client and will be presented.


We are not 100% convinced this location is haunted as of yet,  but it did raise enough questions for a return visit with more focus on specific area's of the house.