Case: # 2008-01
Location: Town Hall, Almonte, Ontario


The town of Almonte invited us to investigate their town hall, more specifically on the 3rd floor of the theatre they have. It has been reputed by many to be haunted. This was a full scaled investigation split into two teams. Arrived at roughly 9pm for the technical walk-thru and setup.  Jim from the town council was more than helpful. During our set up there were some scary moments of the physical kind with the elevator jumping 1/2 a floor. This occurred two times during the evening. Base reads determined the 2 floors had an average ambient temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. The building has a decent heating system as this never  spiked or decreased much. EMF reads were also constant from beginning to end without spike. The only noise audible  to the ear was the contraction of pipes in the hot water heating coils. We had 2 mobile video cams and 2 static cams and neither picked up much. All photographic evidence was also very slight. The stairwell in question did provide some interesting sensations, mind you this was a threshold between stage and bottom floor close to a source of electricity. Therefore these sensations  could have been a  psychosomatic response.
The one piece of interesting footage was a screech and an animal noise. They did come from inside the building and we were 3 floors up. Unfortunately these were caught on the video camera with no visual so it can be discounted, but has been kept for evidence.


Though we had some personal experiences feeling...

Pictures from this investigation