Case: # 2007-02
Location: Railway Museum, Smith Falls, Ontario


The Smiths Falls Railway Museum is a nicely restored building with antique railway cars surrounding it, very well preserved. This building had very standard base reads and temperature readings with the upper floor slightly lower in degrees. We set up the static camera in the attic causeway, and had 2 groups exchanging positions throughout the evening. Very calm and inert, there was not too much to be caught on any device from the inside of the building, though later, on the Dictaphone, we did hear some whistling. Outdoors there seemed to be a lot of activity felt by the team. A picture of Shane by the railway cars on timed delay showed an image much taller and broader next to him. Multitudes of orbs etc showed up, unfortunately this can be explained as airborne dust or insects. Of interest was one of the railway cars, images showing in the windows and when you were on the car, the rocking motion was very noticeable. Not a motion one could mimic as we tried a few times. But nothing showed up strongly in evidence to support much.


We wouldn't state the building is haunted, however it does possess a great deal of residual energy. We would love to go re examine the railway cars.

Pictures from the Railroad Museum can be found here