Case: # 2007-01
Location: Private Residence, Bronx St, Pembroke, Ontario


We arrived at an immaculately kept 60 year old home in Pembroke, Ontario. This house had reported sightings of a set of legs going up the stairs at night,  a door moving open, and  pictures with distortions of the wall.
Story has it that a great deal of physical abuse had taken place here, and the imprints of such abuse may have been left behind.
The readings for the house were pretty standard, and got to debunking right away. In one section of the house, the EMF was very high only to discover an armoured power line beneath the floor. Temperatures did not fluctuate throughout the house.
We tried to set the door off by slamming the other doors, creating wind socks and pushing the frame etc. I would still contend to a degree it is a frame shift, but we need to return to film that in action. The distortion in pictures is a reflection of other pictures and the white walls. Now the legs going up the stairs we did not catch on film nor did we debunk. Upon our return we will set the cameras to see if a situation will mimic it.
We did however have a significant fluctuation in EMF during the final vigil going from a steady 1.8 to a 0.4 which is reversed from what you would expect. The area that was a 1.8 earlier was a 0.4. So interesting yes, proof no.  We see this as a simple reason to conduct a more thorough investigation next time. In the basement, when I had asked if the occupant (spirit) was there, we got a very clear EVP saying "help me" .
This evidence entices us to want to go back to investigate again when requested.


I don't know if  we would declare this house haunted just yet. I'd like to return and replicate the events that gave us results. So active and being re investigated at a later date.



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