Case: # 2006-04
Location: Borden House, Petawawa, Ontario


A client came to us with complaints that her stereo was turning on by itself, and that she was experiencing smells of smoke and the sound of footsteps. Research was very difficult due to the nature of the property. A full cache of equipment was present for this one. Multiple pictures resulted in very explosive orb activity. Mirror images of shifted rooms, and movement on camera of orbs . We also captured a physical manifestation on the face of an investigator. The mediums in our group had also picked up on a gentlemen in his younger 20's  and someone with a French last name known as Hatman. The decription provided to the homeowner matched the figure that had been seen at their bedside. The last name matched her husbands maternal family side. The young man, as it turns out, was a military man who had recently lost his life overseas. EVP turned up nothing, Temp gauges displayed standard drops, and the EMF was discounted due to trunked electrical in the road.


Definite presence, intelligent entity, haunted though benevolent