Case: # 2006-03
Location: Cherokee St., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA


Another very pre-investigated location, with the envelope in the hand of the owner. This home is nestled deep in the industrial district of Pennsylvania. In the past, Steelworkers would have rented this home. In total, we had over 15 involved with this investigation, which was good for witnesses as the digital and video equipment all failed to yield anything but blackness.
In the basement, there is an old coal chute that is now turned into a studio. We felt sensations of working against the will, sickness and breathing issues. This would be a common perception to pick up on though, and has not been researched beyond. The middle floor camera was flawed by a cat knocking it over during it's vigil but we did have some very negative feelings. One of the most present thoughts was a feeling that the house was used for ill repute, a common bawdy house.
The overall temperature and EMF readings were fairly normal. The top floor yielded some crazy witness accounts.  The office chair began to spin. We stopped it and it did it again. The ceiling garnered a red hue and began to fill with what we thought was smoke. There was a visualizations witnessed by 3 separate people of a young college student, as well as an old dock worker. Even more disturbing was the sight of children in the corner of a room huddling for comfort from what we could figure out to be fire.
Much of this could be chalked up to the common perceptions of misery.
Then came the evidence. We learned that in 1901, the house was owned as a frat house by Lehigh U. There was indeed a fire in the late 1800's when a German family lived there, and at that time 2 little children were present. Beyond that it was owned as rental accommodations.


Due to eye witness accounts of physical proof and the connection to researched evidence, we believe this location to be haunted to a degree, but not violent or intelligent.  It has a strong residual pattern, and we would love to go back one day.