Case: # 2006-02
Location: Private Residence, Hunter St, Pembroke, Ontario


A resident in Pembroke asked us to  investigate her home on Hunter St. in Pembroke, Ontario. She has been plagued with personal experiences, from the sight of a man in her room to having spiritual activity following her to work. Her house is a small 2 story with a basement, with a quiet forced air heat system. All plumbing was stable with normal pressure so no water hammer to cause noise. Base reads were stable throughout the investigation.  The EMF impacted at the points one would expect and the temperature readings remained stable the entire night. All digital voice recordings turned up with no evidence, as did all  video and photographic footage.
The crowding during the investigation likely played a factor in any fouled evidence. There was a high pet population as well which contributed to some  of the video looking like there was movement.


Not haunted. no personal experience either. We have asked the resident to take pictures and audio recordings at her own free will, and have offered to return should we be needed.

Pictures from Hunter Street can be found here