Case: # 2005-05
Location: Private Graveyard, Almonte, Ontario


To memory this is the 1st official investigation we held in Almonte. It took place in a private graveyard behind the acreage of a farm. The tombstones were well covered in foliage, and it looked like a  perfect location.  One of our previous investigators had pre-investigated this location and left the envelope back at the house. This investigation was not about equipment. It was our first time going back to using spiritual sciences. Dave had several visions-2 people being buried there, grain fields, Scottish mountains, pipe smoke, the year 1876, the need to sit on a certain rock and the knowledge of 6 children, youngest being 25 at the time of his death and a young lady. When we returned to the house we learned that this was the burrying place for a family from the Scottish highlands-a grain farmer and his wife are buried there, though only 1 stone is visible. They had six children and the youngest was 24 at time of fathers death, however we were off by 10 years taking place in 1886.


Nothing but personal experience and personal proof of the other side letting us know the facts.