Case: # 2005-02
Location: Buck Hill, Round Lake, Renfrew County, Ontario (4 Visits)


The most well known story about Buck Hill invloves a man going out in the forest in the middle of winter to look for his daughter who was out searching for her dog. Depending on the version of  the story,  the man either dies as a result of  the elements of winter, or in his house  with pneumonia. This is a pretty common style urban legend much like Ghost Road, Salem's Lot in the Durham Region, and the blue tunnel in St-Catherines . This is not to say there is no residual energy there. Obviously this area has seen a lot of death from lumberjacks and natives.
The proximity of a former radar station in Foymount at roughly the same altitude also brings some question as to the source of the magnetic resonance. It is a creepy road, with a history of being a  popular spot among drinking teens and other paranormal groups.
During one of our visits, CHAPS did see some lights moving, and  did experience a shriek that sent most of us back to the cars. However is it explainable. Most of our findings at Buck Hill can be chalked up to personal experience and some decent pictures. But unless you were there to see that there was no fog, or nothing in front of you it would be hard to prove.


Bottom line, not worth the hype. Likely residual energy but we'd conclude not haunted.

Pictures from Buck Hill can be found here