Case: # 2005-01
Location: Boundary RD House and Barn, Pembroke, Ontario (3 Visits)


This 110 year old home  with a history of primarily one family,  has been lived in by one single resident for the last 60 years. This home has been known to have sightings of little girls and adult males. Closet doors in the kitchen closing on their own, stereos turning on etc. In the Barn, many have stayed on the top floor and have all had the same feeling of being asked to leave. The EMF readings were too marred due to the trunk electrical system being so close to the house. Temperature reads were extremely varied on the top floor. We didn't  bother recording the temperature in the barn  as it was very drafty.
We did catch some light movement on video, and an EVP. Our best evidence was caught on film. We caught very bright moving orbs, (even one causing the cat to get very upset.)
Overall the house felt very benign with lots of residual energy, If it is intelligent, it is just popping in for a visit to let itself be known. However in the bedroom we have felt the sensation of being touched by a small hand, which goes in line with the sightings of a small girl.
On the top floor of the barn, many people have felt pushes, prods and emotional outbursts.
All in all, again a fairly dormant location that seems to have a small degree of activity.


We wouldn't determine this location haunted, just active with energy and explainable phenomena.

Pictures from the investigation